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How do I create a LaLaBix vendor account?

It’s easy! First, you must have a valid trading license or commercial registration,

  • Then you will need to follow the steps below:
  • Login to https://www.lalabix.com/vendor-membership/
  • Enter your valid email address (verification code will be sent to your email address)
  • Enter your “Store Name”
    Example: https://www.lalabix.com/store/[your_store_name]
  • Your valid address (“Address 1”, “Address 2”)
  • Your “Country”, “City and State”.
  • Enter your valid “Postcode/zip” and “Store Phone number”

Under general option:

  • Please select categories your product comes under
  • Enter your delivery and pick-up address information
  • Under document submission: Please upload your valid documents (Utility Bill, Passport, VAT certificate) (Residence Visa for non-nationals /National ID for nationals (UAE only)
  • Enter your Bank Details (Pay out method to get paid)
  • Create your Password (For LaLaBix Vendor Account)
  • Go through our terms and conditions and click on agree.
  • Once you have completed the profile section the next step is “Plans”
  • List of our LaLaBix vendors Free Membership Plans, click “Subscribe now”
  • Review of your confirmation plans, click “Proceed”
  • Your vendor application will be under review, we will verify and approve your documents within 3-5 working days.

You will receive confirmation in your email very soon!

For more details please contact [email protected] or use our Live Chat.

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