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How do I add multiple products on LaLaBix?

You will have a variety of ways to add your products onto our platform, which are the following:

  • Go to import products > Download the Sample CSV File > Upload Your Downloaded CSV File by Clicking On “Choose File” > Continue
  • Recheck Your Columns > Scroll Down & Run Importer > View Import Log If products have failed to import otherwise > View Products
  • Your products have now been sent for reviewal and will be approved within 3-5 working days

How To Upload Your CSV File?

The following article will assist you in importing your products successfully using our step-by-step guide.

The following table includes a brief explanation concerning the columns required in your CSV file:

If you feel your products do not fit any of the listed categories please contact [email protected] to request your product’s specific category.

Field / Column Important Sample value Description
Type Required simple, variable Product Type. Valid values: simple, variable
SKU Not Required Auto-generated SKU by LaLaBix
Vendor SKU Optional 12345 Vendor Product SKU (Your own SKU)
Product name Required Samsung Product Name
Short description Required Mobile details This is short information about a product
Long description Optional Complete mobile details This is long information about a product
Date sale price starts Optional 2022/01/01 (format: YYYY-DD-MM)
Date sale price ends Optional 2023/01/01 (format: YYYY-DD-MM)
Tax status Required taxable Supported values: Taxable
Tax class Required standard Can use any existing Tax class
In stock? Stock status 0 or 1 1 or 0 (In numbers)
Stock Required 20 Numeric stock level enables stock management.
Low stock amount Low stock amount 2 Empty or a number
Weight (kg) Optional Weight Parse only numbers
Length (cm) Optional Length Parse only numbers
Width (cm) Optional Width Parse only numbers
Height (cm) Optional Height Parse only numbers
Sale price Optional 300 Sale price
Regular price Required 350 Regular price
Categories Required Electronics To assign the category ( you can find our category list in the table below)
Tags Optional CSV list of tags
Shipping class Required
  • Fulfilled By LaLaBix
  • LaLaBix Direct Ship
  • Vendor Own Shipping
Name of shipping class (Note: please make sure you insert the exact words to import successfully otherwise, the product will be rejected to import in our system)
Images Required http://somewhere.com/image.jpg, http://somewhere.com/image2.jpg First Image is featured image
Parent id:100, SKU-1 Manage stock/stock quantity
Grouped products Optional id:100, id:101 List of IDs, Can be just a numeric ID
Attribute name 1 Attributes Color Looks for a global attribute or uses text if not found, Include as many as needed “Used for variations” is set automatically
Attribute 1 value(s) attributes Blue, Red, Green List of values. variable only need 1 value The first is used if multiple get provided.
Attribute 1


attributes 0 0, The mapping screen labels this as “Attribute global”

General guidelines LaLaBix Categories

  • CSVs should be in UTF-8 format.
  • Dates should be defined for the store’s local timezone.
  • Use 1 or 0 in your CSV, if importing a Boolean value (true or false)
  • Multiple values in a field get separated with commas.
  • Wrapping values in quotes allows you to insert a comma.
  • Prefix the id with id: if referencing an existing product ID. No prefix is needed if referencing an SKU. For example id:100, SKU101
  • Custom meta is supported/imported but only plain text – no support for JSON or Serialized data.
  • Taxonomy term hierarchy is denoted with >, terms are separated with commas.
  • Draft products are not exported, only published and privately published products.
  • It is not possible to assign a specific post ID to the product on import. Products will always use the next available ID, regardless of the ID included in the imported CSV.
  • Images
  • Images need to be pre-uploaded or available online to import to your store.
  • External URLs are supported and imported into the Media Library if used.
  • You can define the filename if the image already exists in the Media Library.

Please make sure to include only the Level 2 Category values exactly as mentioned below in the CSV file categories column to ensure no errors occur. The values are case sensitive, therefore if you were to use fashion instead of Fashion an error will occur.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2

Men’s Fashion

Men’s New Arrivals, Men’s Clothing, Men’s Ethnic Wear, Men’s Footwear, Men’s Plus Size Fashion, Men’s Tracksuits, Men’s Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Men’s Jackets & Cardigans, Men’s Nightwear, Men’s Shorts, Men’s Shirts, Men’s Bottoms, Men’s Boxers, Men’s T-Shirts, Men’s Tops, Men’s Sportswear, Men’s Jeans, Men’s Swimwear
Women’s Fashion Women’s New Arrivals, Women’s Ethnic Wear, Women’s Footwear, Women’s Lingerie, Women’s Plus Size Fashion, Women’s Maternity Wear, Women’s Dresses, Women’s Tops, Women’s Shirts & Blouses, (Women’s Hoodies, Jumpers & Cardigans), Women’s Trousers, Women’s Jumpsuits & Playsuits, Women’s Skirts, (Women’s Coats, Blazers & Jackets), Women’s Swimwear, Women’s Two Piece Sets, Women’s Kimono’s & Kaftans, Women’s Shorts, Women’s Jeans & Leggings, Women’s Tunics, Women’s Nightwear & Loungewear, Women’s Sportswear
Modest Fashion Modest Clothing for Men, Modest Clothing for Women, Modest Swimwear, Prayer Mats & Accessories
Men’s Accessories Men’s Watches, Men’s Eyewear, Men’s Jewellery, Men’s Bags & Wallets, Men’s Belts, Men’s Socks, Other Men’s Accessories
Women’s Accessories Women’s Watches, Women’s Eyewear, Women’s Jewellery, (Women’s Bags, Purses & Wallets), Women’s Belts, Women’s Socks, Other Women’s Accessories
Luggage & Travel Small Suitcases, Large Suitcases, Pilot Briefcases, Travel Bags & Accessories, Backpacks
Electronics Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories Smartphones, Feature Phones, Smartwatches, Power Banks & Batteries, Tablets, Wearable Devices, Power Strips, Cases & Covers, Screen Protectors, Chargers & Cables, Mobile Accessories
Laptops, Computers & Computer Software Laptops, Computer Hardware, External Storage, Desktop PCs, Computer Software, Laptop Bags & Sleeves, Computing Accessories, Networking Accessories
Video Consoles & Video Games Gaming Controllers, Video Game Consoles, Video Games, E-Cards, Gaming Accessories
Televisions, Streaming Devices & Home Theater TVs, Blu-Rays, DVD Players, HDMI Splitters, LCD TVs, LED TVs, UHD TVs, QLED TVs, Streaming Devices, Projectors, Home Theatre System, Video & DVD Accessories
Home Security, Cameras & Accessories Portable Cameras, Camera Filters, Camcorders, Camera Memory Cards, CCTV Cameras, Security Alarms & Sensors, Telescopes
Music, Speakers & Audio Studio Equipment, Headphones, Speakers, Microphones & Voice Recorders, Audio Amplifiers, Earphones, Soundbars, Musical Instruments
Beauty & Care Beauty Makeup & Nails, Skincare, Haircare & Styling Tools, Men’s Grooming
Fragrances All Perfumes, Men’s Perfume, Women’s Perfume, Deodorants, Incense Burners
Health & Care Bath & Body, Dental Care, Diet & Nutrition, Personal Care & Appliances, Medical Supplies & Equipment, Supplements, Baby Care, Medicine & Treatments, Massagers
Kids & Toys Kids’ Fashion Girls’ Fashion, Boys’ Fashion, Boys’ Accessories, Girls’ Accessories, Kids’ Accessories, Girls’ Footwear, Boys’ Footwear, Costumes & Accessories, Boys’ Jumpers & Cardigans, Boys’ Shirts, Boys’ Trousers, Boys’ Tops, Girls’ Shirts & Blouses, Girls’ Dresses, Girls’ Skirts, Girls’ Jeans, Girls’ Jumpers & Cardigans, Girls’ Tops, Girls’ Trousers
Baby Fashion Baby Clothes, Baby Pyjama sets, Baby Shoes, Baby Swimwear, Baby Blanket Sleepers
Baby Gear Baby Accessories, Car Seats, Baby Strollers, Safety Equipment, Baby Furniture
Toys Action Figures & Dolls, Toys & Activities, Kids’ Crafts, Baby Toys, Educational Games, Playsets, (Board Games, Cards & Puzzles)
Home & Office Bedding & Bath Accessories Bedroom Pillows, Quilt Covers, Bedsheets, Shower Soap Dispensers, Bathroom Mats & Rugs, Bathrobes & Towels, Blanket, Bedding Accessories, Inflatable Mattress
Home Decor Decor, Carpet & Rugs, Wall Art, Vases, Mirrors, Lamps & Lighting, Photo Frames & Albums, Curtains, Decorative Pillows, Clocks, Party Supplies, (Sofa, Chair & Cushion Covers)
Home Appliances, Fixtures & Tools Dishwashers, Electric Kettles, (Heating, Cooling & Air Quality), Freezers, Fryers, Irons & Steamers, Juicers & Blenders, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Specialty Appliances, Washing Machines, Cooktop Ovens, Water Dispensers, Power Tools, Fixtures, Cleaning Appliances, (Yarn, Sewing & Needlecraft Supplies), Weighing Scales, Hardware, Smart Home Appliances
Kitchen & Dining Bakeware, Cookware, Coffee & Tea Pots, Table Linens, Tableware, Kitchen Tools & Utensils, Jugs & Bottles
Home Storage & Organization Laundry Storage, Wardrobe Storage, Trash & Recycling, Racks & Shelves, Kitchen Storage, Bathroom Storage
Furniture Sofa & Seating, Shelves, Dining Sets, Dressers & Mirrors, Beds, Wardrobes, Tables
Pet Supplies Pet Care, Pet Food, Pet Accessories & Toys, Pet Treats & Chews
Cleaning Supplies All Cleaning Supplies, (Tissues, Toilet Paper & Kitchen Rolls), Laundry & Detergents, Air Fresheners, Dishwashing, Garbage Bags, Bathroom Cleaner, Pest control
Garden & Outdoors Outdoor Decor, Flowers & Plants, Grills, Outdoor & Garden Furniture, Umbrellas, Garden Appliances, Picnic Supplies
Office Supplies Desk Accessories & Workspace Organizers, Stationery & School Supplies, Presentation Boards, Office Electronics, Binders, Arts & Crafts Supplies
Office Furniture Office Desks, Storage & Filing Cabinets, Bookcases, Office Chairs
Books Autobiography, Business & Finance, Collection of Recipes, Crime & Mystery, History, Kids’ Books, Novels, Reference Books, Self-Help, Fiction, Biography, Society & Social Sciences, Literature, (Lifestyle, Sports & Leisure), Religious & Spiritual
Automotive Car Electronics Car Video & Audio, Dashcams, Vehicle GPS & Navigation Devices, Car Gadgets, Car Chargers, Car Vacuums
Car Tools & Accessories Car Mats, Seat Covers, Cup Holders, Car Air Fresheners, Car Oil & Fluids, Car Mirrors, Car Interior Accessories, Car Exterior Accessories, Car Cleaning Supplies, Car Tool Kits, Car Pumps & Jacks, Car Covers
Car Parts Tires & Wheels, Car Bumpers, Filters, Car Brakes, Car Lights, Car Spoilers, Car Wings & Styling Kits
Kitchen Essentials Coffee, Tea & Snacks Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Breakfast & Cereal Bars, (Nuts, Dates & Dried Fruits), Chocolate
Pantry Staples (Rice, Pasta & Pulses), Sauces & Dips, Cooking Oils & Ghee, (Salt, Sugar & Spices), Baking Products, Nuts & Dry Fruits, Canned Food, (Oats, Cereal, Muesli & Cereal Bars), Jam & Spreads, Baby Food
Beverages Water, Soft Drinks, (Energy, Sports & Powdered Drinks), Long Life Milk, Long Life Juices
Sports & Outdoors Cardio Equipment & Training Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Elliptical Trainers
Strength & Weights Dumbbells, Weights, Pull Up & Down Bars, Medicine Balls, Weight Belts, Training Benches, Home Gym, Boxing
Cycling, Scooters & Accessories Cycling Kits, Bicycles, Bike Tools & Accessories, Protective Gear, Skates, Skateboards & Scooters
Sportswear Women’s Trainer, Men’s Trainer, Sportswear Accessories
Outdoor Adventures Sleeping Bags, Camping Furniture, Accessories & Tools, Fishing Equipment
Fitness Accessories Yoga & Exercise Mats, Exercise Bands, Jump Ropes, Gloves, Straps
Watersports Swim Sets & Goggles, Pool Floats, Rafts & Boats
Team Sports Table Tennis, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket & Baseball, Badminton, Team Sports Accessories, Billiard Tables & Accessories, Foosball, Basketball
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