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How do I add a single product on LaLaBix?

  • Log in to your LaLabix Account and head to vendor dashboard
  • In the left menu there will be an option called products, click on that.
  • On the upper right-hand side there’s an icon called Add New
  • Add the product details as required by the system: –
  1. Simple Product Categories
  2. Product Title
  3. Coupons Price
  4. Descriptions
  5. Shipping
  6. Linked
  7. Offers/Services
  8. Product Policies
  9. Advanced Features
  10. Submit for Review

Your products will be approved within 3-5 working days, after that your products will be displayed in LaLaBix.

Note: (You must choose the shipping class)

  • Click on shipping
  • Under Shipping class are the below 3 options select the one you have opted for.
    1. Fulfilled by LaLaBix
    2. LaLaBix Direct Ship
    3. Vendor own Shipping
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